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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

job attachment

DBS POSB bank at shenton way
Super fun! :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

:O It's been so long! BIRTHDAY 12 MARCH 2010

It has beeen a really busy term, and i didnt even bother to post!? :O
It wasn't easy to adapt to the new environment (holding site, and new class.
ANd the even more hectic schedule.
And i'm 15 already! :)
even though I didnt have time to post here, I uploaded pics on facebook!:D

Shirrrt from Ju! <:

Crystal Jade dinner 9pm . ~ Birthday dinner

Drawn by Rochelle, written by Amy <3

By Min Pei, Ying Xuan, Nat, Cherida (:
at Macs on 12 march~ :)

Holding site,
small place :(


Saturday, January 2, 2010

QUEST FOR IMMORTALITY- The World of Ancient Egypt

Please click here for full album

Free entry? Then what. continuous long queue.
Guards were telling people "sir, this will be a 3h waiting time. Do u still want to wait?"
Thank you, some people left the queue.
But it wasnt that long though.
He exaggerated.

Thanks to him, bro and I waited for bout 1h+
No exposed mummies, no kick.

However, they were really a lot of stuffs to see ^^

animal gobbling up some animal

the god of knowledge or smth i remembered

the words are called hieroglyphs

it's quite troublesome to carve I thought
but well, ancients had nth to much to do anyway~

I think i liked this piece best~

the casket
Drawn for afterlife, death.
Lots of colourful and complicated drawings~
They really treated death as a big thing~
But where did they get those colouring from anyway?

wooo~ mummy.

loved this poster! :D

Artefacts, sphinxes were preserved really well
they did a excellent job in moulding and carving! :O
they were really smooth!!!